Lifetime Compost Tumbers and Composters for Sale

Place those vegetable scraps to excellent use by composting them into a rich soil conditioner for your garden with our choice of compost tumblers and also containers. Lifetime has different sizes of composters to choose from. All Lifetime Composters are constructed from sturdy black polyethylene plastic and made with an inner aeration bar, large removable cover, and a galvanized steel base which enables you to conveniently turn the bin on its axis.

Competitive Edge Lifetime Compost Tumblers and Composters Products

Lifetime 60028 65 Gallon Composter (Fri, 29 May 2020)
New and enhanced 60028 Lifetime 65 gal. composter is made with a larger aeration tube to accelerate the cooking time of your compost. Created from heavy-duty polyethylene plastic with a sturdy metal framework and extra-large detachable cover for very easy filling and also unloading. Going environment-friendly? Reuse your vegetable waste right into a healthy fertilizer for your vegetable and also floral gardens with the Lifetime 65 gallon. Composter. While this composter holds much less compared to our 80 gallon composter, the cooking process takes less time because it is developed with a much larger aeration tube. This enhances air movement and cracks the garden compost down into a great fertilizer. It is created with durable black panels to absorb and also maintain the heat that disintegrates the organic product. The light-weight 65 gallon tumbler activates its axis for balanced turning. The non-cylindrical concept of the tumbler permits even more reliable mixing of contents when revolved. Extra-large removable lid allows very easy access for filling up and also discarding. With your compost substances enclosed inside the composter tub, you will not go through an unpleasant, foul-smelling, fly attracting, outdoor compost pile in your garden. And no more turning it all with a pitchfork. Save your back, save your cash, with the convenient Life time 65 gallon composter. This product does not contain BPA.
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Lifetime 60058 80 Gallon Compost Tumbler (Fri, 29 May 2020)
Competitive Edge Products is delighted to present the fantastic Lifetime 80 Gallon Compost Tumbler. Want healthy plants as well as a prospering garden? Reuse cooking area scraps and also lawn cuttings right into a rich organic plant food for your garden with an 80 gal. Lifetime Composter. Created from light-weight, double-walled, black, polyethylene plastic with a galvanized steel base. With a Lifetime Composter as well as some persistence, you could recycle vegetable waste from your lawn as well as kitchen area into a nutritious soil conditioner for your yard. The Composter is designed with black, double-walled plastic panels and an interior aeration bar to take in the heat as well as circulate the oxygen that is required to decay the natural material into an abundant garden compost. The light-weight 80 gallon tumbler quickly activates its axis for balanced rotation of the components. This composter has several benefits over an open compost pile. It includes unpleasant scraps and also their accompanying smells in an enclosed container that is inaccessible to pesky rats as well as will certainly not attract insects. Get your composter today and start conserving money on pricey store-bought plant foods.
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