Can I add a light or run power to the lifetime storage shed?

Yes, you can run power out to the Lifetime shed.  You would want to consult with a professional electrician on the details to ensure safety and longevity.  Running power includes running a conduit or cable designed to be buried.  Many of our cusomers run power to keep light access at all hours, running heat, or machine shops.  We also recommend contacting customer service's technical support to find out recommendations on running power to the lifetime shed.

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    Charles Hansen (Wednesday, 26 October 2011 12:14)

    Note from the manufacturer:
    "We don’t encourage them to run electricity because it will void their warranty. The have to cut out part of the shed to do it. We don’t have any instructions because we don’t want to have any liability with the electricity. Also most city ordinances will require permits if they are running electricity to a shed."