Is it difficult to assemble a lifetime storage shed?

It is and isn't difficult to assemble the lifetime brand sheds. Let me explain.  First of all, I'm not very handy.  I sit at a computer for most of my life.  But, assembling one of these for the first time was amazingly easy.  Sure, it was time consuming. It took about 9 hours with two of us (we added a bunch of extensions to make it 11x24), but it wasn't difficult guesswork.  It quite intuitive actually.  The Lifetime storage shed panels come in 2.5' lengths and when you've put in one, you know how they all go in.  Same with the floor and roof panels.  The roof trusses that was the only moment where I thought it was going to be tough, but again, you put the first one in and you know how to put all the trusses in.  The reason I said it was difficult was only because we had to build a wooden base and I am not a craftsman or woodworker.  Getting out the saw and borrowing a nail gun....that was the only part I had zero experience with.  All in all I'd say the average home owner can build one and, of course, you are above average so don't sweat it. 

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    EPDM (Tuesday, 16 July 2013 04:21)

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