Are Lifetime sheds better than wooden sheds?

There are a few tradeoffs between wooden and plastic lifetime sheds.  Wooden sheds are generally stronger.  Lifetime sheds are reinforced with steel on the inside so they are definitely strong, but not quite as strong as wood.  Unfortunately, wooden sheds require a great deal of maintenance wereas the lifetime sheds require little if any.  The lifetime sheds have snow load kits available for those concerned about excess snow loads.  The pitch of the roof is such that they generally are not necessary, but a comforting purchase to concerned consumers. 

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    Annapolis landscaping (Sunday, 27 October 2013 23:53)

    I would but say to you all "impressive information"

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    frank sheds (Thursday, 30 March 2017 03:36)

    You must made Sheds from recycled plastic design it . It can be decorative and beautiful after making it.But Wooden Sheds can be more decorative and more beautiful because you can add color to it many times as in case of plastic you can't because it looks weird.